To pose, or not to pose, that is the question!


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Feb 1, 2004
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Lower Saxony, Germany
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Shall I become a blackbird model?


Or is it safer to fly away?


But I am so curious on what she is doing there!


But is it really safe to be sitting here, posing?


Ah well, the little ones are hungry. Must go feed them...

Little scene captured on the cemetery in Bremen-Riensberg.
And yes, it is always the same bird, on (or starting from) two headstones that were only the walking path apart.

Oh, and ... erm ... crows were not willing to model for me ... ever! :grumpy:
So I had to make do with an undecided blackbird.
Hey, a blackbird on a headstone will do in a pinch! Nice shots, Lafoto. I love it that it has 'lunch' in its mouth.
These are awesome, I love the one where she is taking off really nice shots...
I really like the second one where you can see all the feathers of the bird taking off...
Nice shots!!! Keep uo the good work!!!
I really like all of these, but I think the last is the best.........:) If the entire bird (wings and all) were in the frame #2 would take the cake.

Great DOF!
Yeah, to capture that is still far out of my reign. Our bird and airplane photographers who manage to even get fast planes inside their frames can do that. However, I was so thrilled to get this close to this blackbird in the first place ... that second one is a mere "lucky shot" ... and not quite lucky enough to have capture the whole bird in flight :er:

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