Today's heraldry?


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Feb 16, 2006
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That's what logos seem like to me. I came across this example on the side of a new building of gleaming, reflective metal, surrounded by freshly planted trees. It's a different kind of shot for me. Does it work?


For more info go to:

It may feel different to you, Tony, but I still get the "genuine Boughton"-feeling out of this one myself. It still has some of your very own "handwriting", and you know how much I like that!

Have you meanwhile thought about coming to the meet-up at the end of May so we can finally meet in person?
I like it. There isn't much information in the frame to let you know the building is reflective; the logo seems to hover. Very cool.
Thanks for the comments Lorielle99, Corinna & TBaraki. I was intrigued by this building and the way the light reflected from it, and I wanted to get a shot out of it. This was the best I could do. I'd probably have preferred a bit more asymmetry, but it wasn't on offer (or if it was I couldn't frame it.)

Regards, Tony
very nicely structured, very nice colours, not much to add to what the others have said :)

The tree appears a bit cut off, but not much to be done about it maybe.
looks like it is floating........very cool!!

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