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    Here is another attempt at using Photomatrix to use tone mapping with a raw file that's been converted with 5 different exposure settings (no other adjustments made beforehand).

    The before pic is the middle exposure I used, I adjusted the exposures to -2,-1,+1,+2 using bridge and camera raw. I saved them in Tiff format, merged them using Photomatix, and only slightly tweaked the default settings in the tone mapping part of the process.

    To me this doesn't look like an HDR photo and I realize that it's most likely due to the lack of range in the photo anyway. However I do think it's an improvement over the original photo.

    What is happening in Photomatix and how do I reproduce the effect in PS? What should I be doing with photos like these that can't be handled in Photomatix? Should Photomatix only be used when trying to create dramatic HDRs or is this a tool people use for more normal photographs as well?

    Man do I need an education :)

    Original photo:


    Edited with Photomatix:


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