Too much sharpening?


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Nov 19, 2007
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Sacramento CA
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Any comments?
I don't think you over-sharpened it. The only thing not so nice is the sky. I'd try to get some blue in there. You can also play with levels to get the 'haze' out of your image.
yes. way too sharp. there isnt any clarity with the tree and the sky is overexposed or washed out or whatever term is correct.
overexposed, oversharpened ... and yet, not sharp!

but you get a lot of extreme halos ...
Thanks for all the comments one last question. Could this picture have been saved with some sort of exposure control?
Depends on what you mean by "saved." Unfortunately, I don't think it's that great to begin with. As for the sharpening, it's clearly very over-sharpened, as evidenced by the artifacts.
Try shooting a tad bit under exposed, to retain the blue of the sky, and then you can lighten the shadows in photoshop.

Or you can be more dramatic and look into HDR's.
What I mean by saved is if I wasn't shooting a purely automatic p&s is there even a picture worth taking there?
I don't particularly think so. I think the subject is just a bit mundane.

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