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Topless for Tatas


Fuzzy, wuzzy Nanuq
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Dec 9, 2006
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This was one of the Jeeps on display at the Potbellies & Pints outing last weekend. 38 mm, ƒ/2.8, 1/800, ISO 100. Post included cropping, increased contrast and setting white balance. It was an overcast day, no flash or filters.

No real goals, other than showing the relationship between some owners of Jeeps and a good cause.

Known issuues:
* I should have moved back and used a longer focal length to shorten the DOF and soften the background.
* I think showing that the front tire was on that rock would have added something.
* I didn't notice the tent top peeking out of the top of the vehicle..

cmw3_d750_DSC_4816.jpg by
Snowbear Photography, on Flickr
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at events like that, it's oftentimes impossible to isolate things because they are surrounded by vendors, tents, and whatever else is around so in this case I don't really see the tents as a "flaw" in the photo. to the contrary, some shots with the tents featured a little more prominently might give viewers a sense of the atmosphere and better show it as an "event" rather than just a random car pic. overall, I would say mission accomplished with this one.
Excellent subject!!! However, based on previous comments about the event, I was really expecting MORE from the title. :icon_eek:

I don't really notice any technical issues. Exposure and focus look good. You made a good choice with the tire as focal point, however IMO cropping off the bottom of it limits the effect, and hurts the image. Your choice of a wide angle lens was also good as the perspective accentuates your focal point. As noted above, environment adds to context telling the viewer it's an event, not in the woods. If the background bothers you it's an an easy fix post. Selectively darkening slightly, and maybe adding a little blur, will minimize the competition, throwing focus back on the Jeep, but not eliminating the scene context.
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I’ll give it a shot.

I have a couple snaps of the pigs but the fence really gets in the way. Maybe I’ll post in the Just For Fun sectio.
Well the tent and people are gone, I couldn't do much about the rock.

I really like the colors and the dramatic angle. I'd try this again
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I’ll give it a shot.

I have a couple snaps of the pigs but the fence really gets in the way. Maybe I’ll post in the Just For Fun sectio.

My mind is racing with title suggestions, after the Jeep. 😆😅🤣 You should win POTM just for the title on this one!
Are you making a sales brochure or shooting live action?

Could have, should have, would have thinking and tweaking of small details, may deliver in fine "picture perfect" image but it is one of the reasons that many photos do not look or feel natural.

Cropping and shortening the depth of field can certainly improve the shot. But the camera sees what the camera sees, not what the eye or brain see. Often, the so-called flaws or distractions are what give a sense of realism and perspective to the shot. To the photographer, these stand out and ruin the shot. To the casual observer they are part of the photo's environment.

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