Torchlit procession.

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    Went out tonight to photograph a midnight torchlit procession up to a local monument on a hill to mark the end of a 3 week long festival here.

    I found it very difficult to set the focus each time and was trying loads of things for exposure prefering not to use a flash & trying to get the "movement" of the torches mixed with glimpses of people as they were illuminated then disapeared! Apart from trial and error does anyone know of a reliable method to do this? I also took a few shots with flash and a couple of longish exposures with a brief, low flash near the end.

    Also felt quite chuffed to have people asking who I was working for and if the photos would be in the local papers! (I wish!! :lmao: ) mixed in with frustration as a couple of times people wispered to each other "there's a photographer over there" which was met with a reply of "where?" then a 500 candle power torch in my direction! :x (& once followed by "Don't shine the bloody torch in his eyes you stupid cow!" :lol: :hail: )

    All in all a good night even if the photos don't turn out!


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