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Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by photong, Mar 5, 2005.

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    I'm making a trip later this month to Toronto. I'm not sure exactly the point of this thread. Maybe to run into someone to see. I emailed two people tonight and I'll either never get a hold of them, or they'll be busy for the only day I'll be able to see them. Unless they can do something for 15 minutes on the weekend. The two people I emailed operate a street or two apart, so they were my first choice (aside from ejoying their images). It's very difficult because I know NOTHING about the bus and subway system in Toronto and how fast I can get from one place to another.

    I have two other people I can choose but they operate far from the other two. I have NO IDEA how far any of these people operate from where I'm staying. (One of the Humber campus' residences)

    I think I'm hoping to find someone here, or someone who knows someone else, etcetcetc. Or help in any way so I can find my way around and see how far who lives where.

    I'm sort of looking for a job, but mostly I need opinions, answers, advice. And I need to get out and find what this section of the business if about :/ I have invested a lot into this.

    Erm..that's all for now.


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    Melbourne, Oz but missing Toronto.

    I'm not a commercial photographer but I'll be flying into Toronto on March 30th :thumbsup: .

    My b/f could help ya out as far as advice on the public transport system etc , he's lived there all his life.

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