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Jul 5, 2007
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Evening all:

I was not sure where to post this, but I have a question about the straps.
They look great so I ordered one using my Pay Pal account and the transaction went through but I have not received any indication from TPF that my order was received or that it is on it's way.

Has anyone else purchased one? and can anyone tell me if they received some kind of notice that you ordered one?

Thanks all.
ya mee too have the problem in camera getting wet thats it.the nikond100 i think is very good indeed...check it out
Yes, I ordered 1 and I love it. However, I never received any notification from TPF either. You will just get it in the mail. I did e-mail one of the moderators and heard back from them.

Hang in there; you'll get it.
I believe (97% know) one of the mods has the straps and ships them out. So there is no automatic reply. Got two more myself this year.

Thanks for the reply all. I did get an email from Chase letting me know it's on the way. If they are that good I think I will order another one.

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