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Apr 9, 2009
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It has been announced every member can now attach photos using the attachment system.
Also the PM limit has been increased to 200 for registered members, and for premium members the PM limit is now 2000.

Here is how you attach photos to your post (click on each thumbnail):
$ScreenShot001.jpg - $ScreenShot002.jpg - $ScreenShot003.jpg - $ScreenShot004.jpg

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There's something wrong with it Mike, there's a big easter egg covering your sky. Not to complain you know, since it's free and all, but I don't want big easter eggs on all my shots.

Sorry, I had to. I'm medicated.
I like Easter Eggs... whats the secret code? ;)
Hey. It works. But you're a Mod. :lol:

Maybe a new member will give it a try for us. :thumbup:
$Dooooooonuts-7ISO 100.jpg

zomg attachments

IMO, it looks like uploading and attaching image files degrades image quality judging between my file hosted on Minus and the uploaded one. It also doesn't preserve EXIF data on the uploaded files...

Not sure if it's practical for me at least. I'm sure other users will enjoy it though.
Congrats on the moderatorship (and also to tirediron)! :D
I've added some graphics at the top of the thread that show how to attach photos to your post.
Wow. Neat!

My name is Manaheim, and I endorse this feature.

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