TPF Photo Challenge -August '13 - "Selective Color"


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Jun 19, 2009
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For this month, we have decided to set the challenge theme as "Selective Color". Yes, you read that right!! Selective Color!! Everyone knows it's one of the taboos of photography. Let's see if you guys can use your imagination and come up with some creative new ways to explore this PP gem!! Please keep in mind that these themes are meant to be subjective. Think outside the box and get creative! Good luck to everyone! We can't wait to see what you come up with!!

For all those who wish to participate in this challenge please take a moment to read through the following:

  • Any registered member of The Photo Forum may enter, though anyone foolish enough to be responsible for running the silly thing is not eligible to win.
  • New challenges will be posted on or around the first of each month.
  • Themes are intended to have some measure of flexibility. This is an art thing, folks! Do what you think is right and run with it!
  • The challenge will remain open to new submissions until precisely midnight GMT on the last calendar day of the month.
  • Within five days the images will be assembled for viewing and posted as a display and voting poll. Members of TPF will be allowed to vote for their favorite image. Polls will remain open for one full week.
  • The winner will be announced at the end of the voting week.
  • In the event of the tie, the moderators will select a winner.
  • There are currently no prizes being offered, but we're hoping to change that. Bear with us and be sure to heckle as many moderators about this as humanly possible.
  • I like monkeys.
  • It is at the sole discretion of the challenge moderators to accept or reject any image submitted for any reason they deem appropriate.
  • All images must not have been previously posted to TPF, and ideally should be taken during the challenge month. (The idea is to get folks out and thinking about new ways to shoot!)
  • Images must be emailed to [email protected]. All submitted photos must include a form that needs to be completed. A copy of the form will be posted each month.
  • Images can be no larger than 500k. All images must be 700 pixels long on their long edge. No edge of the image can exceed 700 pixels.
  • Images submitted must be anonymous and must bear no markings or indications of who the image belongs to. Watermarks, names and copyrights embedded in IEXIF information, etc. count as identification and such images will be rejected.
  • Images must be owned by the submitter and copyrighted or trademarked works from another party will not be accepted.

>>>>>>>>>> Copy and Paste this form into your submission email <<<<<<<<<< Username:

* Photo Title (optional):

Has this photo been posted before on The Photo Forum? Y/N
>>>>>>>>>> End of form <<<<<<<<<<

Please enter your email subject as "August '13 Photo Challenge Submission"

All photos must include the form when submitted. Just copy and paste it into your email. This will ensure that no mistakes are made when photos are submitted and therefore, hopefully, no photos are excluded. If the form is not included in the submission email the photo will not be included in the challenge gallery and voting process.

Good luck!! :D
You have officially pushed us to the dark side mish!
So, anybody got any great tutorials and tips on how to do selective color?
Ha! really cool theme:)

It's called the Photo Challenge for a reason, people! You're being challenged here - rise up!

It's called the Photo Challenge for a reason, people! You're being challenged here - rise up!

Rise up and overthrow the fascist moderator-dogs of selective color! It's the only way!
Next month, blown out HDR!
I'm going to ask a dumb question.... here goes:
My copyright is in my iexif data. If I process a photo in lightroom and then export it without Metadata... does that remove the iexif data? Is it the same thing??
Manny, that's way too fishy, it's more like this much fishy :)

$First Family fishing trip-15.jpg
omg... lol someone kill me.
You love it!

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