TPF's Daily Trivia Game


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Jan 10, 2006
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Did you know that there's a site where TPF members can play a trivia game against each other each day? It's here. The game is timed, so speed counts as well as accuracy. Join the core group of diehards who play it each day. :sexywink:
Thanks for the link. It was fun. And whew!!! I was worried I'd get them all wrong and be one step closer to proving I missed the evolution boat :drool2:
I know what you mean! If I get a bunch of sports questions, I'm doomed
Sports?! OH OH!

pfffthhhhh I better learn how to doggy paddle.... that boat is heading out without me.
I was lucky sports questions. But who knows what tomorrow will bring?......
oops didnt click done when i was done.
cool im there.
Wow, some great scores from the new players! (Or was it just beginners luck?.....)
ME??!! You're the one who keeps winning the monthly over-all game!
Looks like we got Leighthal hooked! But the others forgot to play :(
Thank goodness for lucky guesses!! I often count on them. Especially on the hated sports questions I get.

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