Tractor In the mist c'n'c


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Nov 5, 2008
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Warwickshire UK
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I like the BW one, you can see more of the field and to me it give more the feeling of farm work. Nice shot.
I agree, the composition is also a lot better.
I like the first one. I like the bright color of the tractor and feel the mist comes across better. Also, the sunlight [early morning or late evening] on the tractor is better in the first shot; in the B&W version it just looks like glare, in the first version it conveys a feeling of warmth.
For me the colors in this shot are too good to be converted to B/W!
For the composition - take the second shot COLORED and cut a little bit from down and a little bit from right (to hide the electrical thing), I would like it that way :sexywink:
I think it would've looked better in HDR, but it's a nice shot ;)
I think I would have actually put the tractor in the bottom left of the shot to be honest. It would have helped with the misty feel of the shot I think .
In HDR, you would have had captured more in the dark and bright areas.
However it is a decent shot.
The first shot is the winner. It's an excellent capture, with good exposure; to me that looks like something right out of a Horsch product brochure. Good work!
I think it would've looked better in HDR, but it's a nice shot ;)

I think it would be tough to get multiple exposures of a moving subject that will line up perfectly.

I like the black and white, but I think it could benefit from a contrast boost. A nice "S" in curves and perhaps a small bump on the high side of levels would make this image pop more. It just seems a little duller in black and white- is it the same processing as the color and converted?

On the other hand, more contrast would sort of undermine the "fog" part of the effect.

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