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Tree Fungi


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Jul 29, 2010
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I originally thought these were called lichens so I kept using a pun saying "I'm really lichen this photo." But actually it's some kind of tree fungi. But still, I really like this photo.
I only like the right side of the photo. Perhaps vertical crop only on the right side?
Yeah I wish I knew what it was actually called. But hey, I like your pun, you seem like a real fun guy.
Hahahahahaha, no C&C but i peed myself a little reading the comments!
Awesome pic!!
The colors and lines are beautiful, but I would like to see a darker background and/or a brighter foreground.
You'd like to see and even darker background, TiCoyote? Honestly?
I find this photo pretty dark as is. Actually, too dark for my liking, but here we go: all our comments and preferences etc are totally subjective! :D
I like the darker tones of this picture....it makes me feel like it was taken somewhere deep. The details are great too.
Yeah I personally preferred how it was dark. But I'll try out a brighter version or even a darker background.
You definitely put the "fun" in fungi :er:

I agree that perhaps you have a bit too much on the left and it's a tad dark.

I believe they are Lichens (sp?)

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