Triple Take Flinders Lane!


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Jun 10, 2003
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Melbourne, Australia
Here's a pic I made from three separate shots. I really enjoy night time photography, as you will see in a lot of my stuff.


These shots were taken with run of the mill Kodak Max400. No tripod, they were hand held. The first person on the left is a mate of mine, the second in the centre is my partner and the third on the right is a stranger.

It's not really noticable, but each shot uses a different focal plane.

I hope you guys like it.

cHUCk in Melbourne
i really like your photographs chuck
the colours in this one are fabulous
interesting shot!
i love seeing photos from Australia too :)
1) Hey Manda, Thanks. Yeah - it is nice to see photos of Australia. Especially ones that aren't pics of the outback with kangaroos and koalas in them (which is all these Yanks seem to know about us - haha). Thanks for your comments.

2) TwistMyArm - thanks dude. Yes, I like to take interesting photos. Well - I tend to think that only I find them interesting - that is until the right people see them :wink:

3) Whoa - MD, you honour me. Of course I'm not worthy of those words. I just point and click and pics come out! That's hardly praise worthy. haha. Thankyou very much. It's very encouraging of course, thankyou mate.

cHUCk in Melbourne :!:

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