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Sep 14, 2010
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Hello all.

I'm looking to invest in a new tripod, but have little knowledge about what's out there. Currently I have a cheapy from Walmart, though I'd like a little more flexibility with a tripod especially for my new Nikon d300s. Looking to get away from a panning/tilt head. I know a bit about Manfrottos, not sure what other brands are around. What do you use? Or what do you recommend?

Whats your budget?
budgetwise I'm thinking up to $150 or $200, but if I can get one for less that would be good as well.
I have a Slik and like it.
I actually just got a Manfrotto 190PROXB after posting a thread similar to this one a few weeks ago. I was pretty much in your exact situation... using a $40 pan/tilt tripod and looking to get something better.

Let me tell you, the 190PROXB is a massive step-up... even if it's still sort of entry-level as far as serious tripods go. I had borrowed older, professional-grade tripods but was looking to upgrade my own gear and wasn't really familiar with newer models.

The 190PROXB is such a vast improvement over my old cheapie $40 setup that I could never imagine going back. As far as specifics:

-the legs splay out completely such that you can seat the tripod flat on the ground if need be.

-the center-column can be pulled all the way up and then laid horizontally, enabling you to keep the camera rather stable even just a few inches off the ground.

-Since the tripod head isn't integrated into the unit, you can choose whichever ball-head suits you.

-All-around it's much, much sturdier and vibration absorbent than the old $40 piece. Note that the 190PROXB is aluminum... the carbon fiber version of this pod will set you back an extra $150.

I put a Manfrotto 496RC2 ball-head on it, and that too is such a refreshing step up from the pan/tilt head. So much more versatility. And, unlike the plastic Wal-mart pan/tilts, the ball-head mount and mount receiver are all made of metal... very reassuring.

When I was looking to move up, I didn't really know what specifics each tripod offered, so I figured I'd give you the skinny on at least one model that makes for a great upgrade. The rig, legs + ball-head, cost me $250 from Amazon... and it was worth every single penny.
Check Adorama. Their Flashpoint stuff would suit you fine and tends to run considerably cheaper than comparable equipment. I purchased an F-3 ball head from them and I have no qualms with it.
I bought a nice tripod recently, it's actually an off-brand thing, but it's a clone of the manfrotto, the brand is 'goldphoto' it's solidly built, identical to the manfrotto, even down to the font.

I got it as it was less than half the price of the manfrotto and just as solid.

Best bet is to go and try a bunch in a store, see what suits you and remember a solid tripod is going to be a bit heavy
Thank you all for all of the help, I think I'm going to have to make it to the local camera stores and test out a couple of the tripods to see if they will work :)

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