I don't know anything about Tiltall tripods, but Manfrotto is a great brand. Hard to go wrong with a Manfrotto. Of course, there are other good brands like Slik, Bogen etc.

As long as a tripod will hold your gear, it's more of a personal choice and a compromise.
A good bit of advice I've read....
When it comes to tripods, there are three main factors to look for;
1. Strong & sturdy
2. Light Weight
3. Doesn't cost an arm & a leg.
For any tripod, you only get to choose two of the three. ;)

I can't tell if those Tripods have removeable heads but that is something I'd look for, if you are investing in a good tripod. Being able to change or upgrade the head is a great option to have, and can mean that your 'legs' can last a lifetime. Also, the head is where you mainly interact with the tripod, so here is where personal preference comes in. You may like a pan & tilt type hear, or a 3-way head, or a ball head or a gimbal head.. Maybe you want a pistol grip ball head etc.
Tripods/Heads are one place where you shouldn't be afraid to shop the used equipment market. You can save a lot of $$ that way. They don't have the delicate electronics/optics of cameras/lenses. My Bogen 3021/Gitzo 1377M cost me very little on e-bay. The pod is solid as a rock and works fine, although the legs look a bit beat up. The head was like-new.
I bought this one and I would not buy it again lol. In the vertical position it creeps and wouldn't lock properly. I had to create a shim to make it stay put. Slik might have good tripods but this one frustrates me. Make sure you try it in all positions available whenever you get it and be satisfied. Other than that it works fine.

Slik Pro 340DX Tripod (Black) with 3-Way Pan/Tilt Head 613-338 -

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