Trollin' Under The Bridge


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Aug 1, 2010
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I like the second shot, some really nice lines running through the image.
Very nice they all look great
That's ONE photogenic bridge! Cool!
And I must say that I like them ALL. Maybe the condensed repeated pillars in the last fascinate me most. Yes. I think they do.
yeah, i like the nighttime ones the most.. but pick your favorite when you show them off.. if you get a series like this then it can get boring to the viewers i'd go with the 2nd one as the best because the 3rd looks a bit crooked
great job with the lighting though

Mike Leggero
I like these photos, especially the 2nd and 3rd. Seem to be sharper, and I like that it is later at night.
What shutter speed were you using on the 2nd??? lucky to have such still waters. great phtos
Thank you all so much....I agree the first one is too light....Ian on the second F10...10sec...ISO 100.

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