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Jun 24, 2013
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Can others edit my Photos
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I try to get my web site done..still working on it..
please check it out and give me some idea..
Hsin Ying Photography

Thank you
Should be in websites... not Photo discussions, if you want website critique. If you are wanting image C&C, you should post images here... since none of us have time or the inclination to try to C&C more than two or three images at a time.
That link have my photo in there.. just not finish upload all yet..
On this page: Hsin Ying Photography
* there is not enough space for all of the word "Photography" - the "y" is on a separate line (on left hand side) ... actually this is on every page
* on right hand side - last sentence - I think it should read "She always believes ..."

Pages load quickly. I hope that will also be the case when you have lots of photos
Nav bar seems logical.
Photos are gorgeous, showing wide skill set. I suspect you will grow out of free website hosting quite quickly.
Good luck on your journey.

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