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    Im trying not to over post but there is something interesting in this. Not sure if it will interest anyone else. After I retired for health reasons, I began to fool around with retro equipment and stopped shooting all together. I was teaching myself how to build cameras like those cars you see in front of junkyards. Bits of pieces of other cameras.

    Shortly after my wife decided that she needed more pictures of our grand kids. My son in law took over my business (more or less) and as I had done before him stopped putting a priority on his family shots. It is like ths shoemaker and his barefoot kids thing,

    Anyway, I bought a very very basic point and shoot camera. Nothing on it makes any sense but it does have a few basic controls. I can contol the light but its with iso not an apurture which is fine since it really accomplishes the same things. The flash is built-in so requires some ingenuity but its doable.

    And finally about this same time my nephew Mark and I began shooting something called "great shootout II... it is on my blog by the way.

    For that it was shoot on demand, so I pulled out the old pns and shot some things. I was surprised to find that it was a lot like early film camras. Very few adjustments. I left me with mostly having to use composition and a lot of natural things to shoot my shots.

    All that to say this was shot with a very inexpensive pns. It is also from my poster series. There is a spot at the bottom for a title though this one appears to be empty.[​IMG]


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