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Nov 22, 2011
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This is my first time trying such photography. I am sure theres a million things wrong with it. But, hey, gotta start somewhere. Here goes:



*note to self* Don't try such photography near electronic devices..... the splash goes farther than you think.
Nice first try - I have been wanting to do this for awhile now - maybe this is incentive. Most of these "splashes that I have seen use a larger vessel for the water so that you do not see the surroundings and they usually place a coloured backdrop behind the vessel to emphasize the "splash". This is the only site I have found so far: Photo ideas: photographing water splashes with flash | Digital Camera World . Maybe there are some ideas there for you.


thank you. I bookmarked the page. don't have all the fanciness this guy has but will give it another try some day.
It's definitely a good start. Speed up your shutter. There is some blur in some of those droplets. You will need a LOT of light for this. Flash will help to stop action too.
I've been wanting to do something similar with champagne. Maybe this is the motivation I needed? Nah, probably not... I'll just wait and see your shots! LOL!
I figured the flash would blow everything out so I didn't try it. Maybe I should have.
Adjust your exposure for the flash.
MLeeK said:
Adjust your exposure for the flash.

I've never done this but with water drops you want to aim your flash at the background. I'm assuming it wouldn't work that great if you aimed it right at the water but then again I don't know for sure.
I don't have a secondary flash at the moment. Just the popup flash.

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