Trying to use lightroom 5.


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Apr 27, 2014
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Never really used Lightroom much. Just trying to get the feel of everything. CC welcome.
Nice image.

My opinion is it's underexposed and could be cropped a little tighter.
OP watch out for the patterns left behind by the spot removal/healing tool. when removing things like blemishes its easy to leave tell tale signs, zoom in around her chin and nose to see them. I find Lightroom is not good for those things so I revert to Photoshop. Are you using Adobe CC or Lightroom on its own
Never really used Lightroom much. Just trying to get the feel of everything.
Do you have a question about Lghtroom? If you want a critique on your Lightroom edits, it helps to show both the before and after.
IMO Lightroom can do more than enough for the typical hobbyist photographer. However, it can also do a lot for the most particular pro.

That makes it difficult to learn when you are a hobbyist and you don't dedicate your time to learning and working with the software in order to sharpen your skills.

What have you done to learn Lightroom?

What do you feel you aren't achieving?
Looks like a drivers license photo to me. I would study lighting and posing before Lightroom.

After all, we all strive for a good image before we decide to edit it.
For C&C on editing it really helps if the original un-edited image is posted and a list of the edits you did is included.
Im using Lightroom by itself. Just learning. Thank you for the advise.
The area of the chin does show some circles. In Photoshop the edges of the clone stamp and or various brushes can be feathered so the sharp circles are not seen. I don't know about Lightroom as I have it but don't ever use it.
I would have played with it a bit but you have set "NOT OK to Edit"

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