Two More Abstract Landscapes


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Nov 3, 2012
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Slow wave has a feeling that I really :heart: even though there is not a lot in the way of detail to it. If it was a cover on a book, I'd toss it in my beach bag, but instead I'd end up reading something by jowens photography ( :lmao:

I'm almost in love with the smeary watercolor effect on the second, but something undefined about it is saying 1980s to me (color palette?). Over all I'm just not completely happy with it. I want less foreground, but when I cropped it more heavily I felt it was losing something. Possibly I'd like it better if I had puffy bangs and eye shadow? Perhaps it is just a loss.

1. Slow wave

2. Across the sound

All this Abstract Landscape stuff was inspired by Fine Art Photography by Frances Seward. Abstract landscape photography.. Dang, everytime I click that link I realize I've still got a lot of learning to do.

Let me know what you think.
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Between the two I much prefer #1. I like the movement and "foggy" feel to it.

As for the second, I think there's too much empty space, I feel it needs another element to make it work.

You're definitely on the right track though.
I'm with Lee on these two, they are close!

Slow wave has balance issues, if you flip it upside down it feels more balanced. When you have such stark contrast and dark blocks of colour they have to feel balanced so we can get lost in the lines, hints and flow.

The second I do see the charm and what is drawing you to it, that leading edge and that deep colour with bits of white is yum, I'm sure you will find the shots in these!
Very nice images..

#1.. as is... sweet!
I agree #2 has too much dark... it is overwhelming the image. ROT didn't work here...
The first one is quite nice. It has a strong sense of "coming storm" or something, without quite committing. It has a quite pictorialist feel to it for some notion or another of pictorialist. It looks, specifically, like a pretty heavily manipulated gum print.

The second one feels to me a lot more like "this is a picture of one thing and the artist is trying to make it look like something else, and I can't quite put my finger on either one"
Thanks guys!:hug::

I trimmed all the uninteresting bits out of the second, and it is much less painful now. Of course, it is also now 7 pixels in height :er:. Yes ROT was not my friend, Charlie! I think there was a shot there, but I didn't make it happen.

Reverse flip for PR? Dang, that is a lot of empty white space no matter how you flip it.
I like it the first way around. The "top" reads as clouds quite successfully, for me. The white space doesn't bother me -- it's abstract, right? You're leaving details out.

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