Two mornings

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Jun 3, 2008
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I like the 2nd one best. If I was you, which I'm not, but if I was I would put a selective soft light layer ontop of the water and orange of the sky to really make that reflection POP
Thanks, nick. If I knew how, I might. You've got my brain working.
this is an example, might have over done it a bit to show you what I mean but I think it seperates the reflection from the grass and give you a more defined edge. as I said this may be over the top for alot of people but if you want the Photoshop file let me know and you can back off the effect

I use Corel, not Photoshop, so the Photoshop recipe wouldn't do me any good. I'm guessing a color-balance adjustment layer with the blending mode on soft light. But I was never a good guesser. Thanks again.

The first photo grabs me more. It's drab and leaves many unanswered questions, much like my existence. :)
The second is a lovely photo - nice composition and subject -
Thanks very much, daithi33.
Both nice shots, and I prefer your interpretation. You were the one that was there.
Thanks. As an aside, a few months ago I wouldn't have understood your using the word "interpretation." I've come to realize that the RAW data can go in a zillion directions and whatever you choose is indeed one interpretation and nothing more.
Thanks for the comments, Roger. Drab isn't always bad.
I agree that a touch more contrast might be nice but not the to the extent that you lose detail like the other guys example
yes I agree I purposesly over did the example to show that more contrast would seperate the reflection from the grass. thats all.
Nick, I was slow to understand but now I do. I'll try that and see.

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