Two portraits I took

The backgrounds are really distracting, as are the bench and the fence. Would have liked to see more of just their faces rather than entire bodies.
I don't mind the bench at all but the building on the left is a bit distracting, this might look better if shot/cropped in portrait orientation as the inclusion of the bench doesn't really add too much to the shot, unlike the second shot where the background 'box' is a nice effect in my opinion.
Hi, Simpson.... i think it is a long time since you posted here... or i missed your postings?

I think the same way as Brown... can the distractions be minimised by vertical trim outs?

Regards :D
These might be ok for a lawn mowing service or something.. but for "work" portraits, I think they lack something.

#2 is better than #1.. but depending on what they are trying to portray, not very professional.

what is the "work" these guys do?
they are in radio.

sorry, I should have mentioned that they had to be shot landscape orientation and the whole body had to be included. didn't give me much to work with, and we had a time crunch too.
I think some use of shallow DOF would've helped pull the focus to your subjects. They aren't anything fantastic, the first one would've been better without the bench that makes him look like he has one leg, and the second one the pose is a little off.

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