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Sep 13, 2010
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Today is the second anniversary of the economic melt down known as The Crisis. At the time is seemed like the world as we knew it was about to come to an end -- and for many a business and family, it did.

I wonder how you guys, many of whom live off your creative wits, have faired. Even in the best of times photography can be a tough business. So, has it been so bad? Or have things pretty much gone on as they were before? Do you loose any sleep over the economy or wonder if you should be doing something else?
For me I didn't have any problems till this year. I had a great spring and summer, but now things have backed off big time. That being since I normally book things for fall in the beginning of the year. Bookings have picked up now, so the onset of next year should pick up. :D
I'm the same as timbearden. The past two years were fine. This year has seen some drop in business, mostly weddings. I usually shoot 20 weddings per year. This year I booked 9. Bookings for next year look OK so far. But just about everything else in my business has done OK. But dropping 11 wedding bookings in one year when I average $3500 per wedding has been a big dip!

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