U5 Silo

I like the look of this - strong lines and curves, along with a good tonal range.

Two quibbles: 1) the darkening in the upper right is a bit over the top, and 2) the second "U5" at the lower frame edge is a little distracting; if your intent is an art photo rather than a documentary one you should consider cloning or cropping, or a combination thereof (just cropping would put the "U3" a little too close to the edge, at least for me).
I agree with Ken, not only lower U5 but also U3 should be cropped out and then you will achieve harmony with the title. And clean up the composition. The fence on the bottom is messy to.
For the sky it looks like it was an overcast so no matter what the sky was white. Well, darker sky would add third dimension.
Otherwise the subject is quite synthetic, nice catch.
Awesome feedback, thanks!

Im quite with you two when it comes to the lower u5 sign.
But are quite anti when it comes to cloning stuff in a picture and have only done so when a small thing more or less ruins a picture that I otherwise like.

Removing the U3 sign would be way to much in my book :)
But yes I also feel that it is a little to close to the edge.
I hade to squees the camera between a metal gate to take this picture and was quite restricted on what angels I could shoot.

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