Unable to download picture to iMac.


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Jul 29, 2015
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Don't know why I can not download picture from my 50D camera or compac flash reader to my iMac. Been downloaded to pc without any problem.

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Are you running Mountain Lion? It was a problem with that OS?
Are you seeing the card mount as a drive? When I plug in camera or card it mounts as a drive.
If you're camera also is not mounting then I would check the port with another device.
Thank you for your replies. I haven't been back here for while. I have to open it by iPhoto then I am able to see the images.
This may be a problem with you flash reader. I've had one or two poor quality flash readers that could not read my cards. I now have a few pretty good readers that have never had a problem.

I've never had a Mac OS X operating system version that had a problem. But if you shoot RAW the Mac needs to have the Camera RAW updates for the camera you are using (Apple makes this part of their automatic updates -- so if your Mac's OS is kept up to date then you already have the Camera RAW update needed to read the RAW file from a 50D.
Thank you Tim. I didn't shoot RAW. Maybe I need to get a good flash card readers. Which one are you using?

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