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Aug 2, 2015
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You can critique if you want but it is not as good as the original.

Unfortunately, my scanner is not big enough, the print couldn't lay totally flat on the glass and this is 2 scans that I put together. The original is a 10 x 10 image on 11 x 17 paper. Cibachrome print from a Fujichrome 50.

Shot with a Hassie CM500 with (I believe) the 80mm lens.

This was shot for a Planned Parenthood national campaign that never actually made it to print. But it was a fun project anyway. And, as it may not be obvious, preparations for the shoot (recreating the background, the belt, the jeans, etc) took much longer than the shoot itself.

I saw your previous post where you introduced yourself. If you have a lot of medium format film and/or intend to keep using the same you really need to scan the film. If you want to do that yourself and keep the cost of the scanner reasonable one of the Epson Vxxx series scanners. They work well enough with 120 film.

Used film scanners are out there but the gamble with those is interface and software. I've got a Nikon 9000 at the office sitting in a closet unused now for 5 years because the interface is firewire and Nikon hasn't kept the driver software updated. No one wants to screw around getting it working on antique hardware.

I won't hold it against you forgetting what I said in my introduction, I probably would have forgotten myself.

BUT, I actually talked about having destroyed all of my art some years back and that only a couple photos had survived, prints both, by accident. So, no need for a scanner :laughing:
That took me a minute, interesting project there. Too bad you got rid of your negs but I've scanned some of my darkroom prints and gotten comparable digital prints. Look about the same from a distance, but up close obviously quite a difference in paper, gloss etc. Of course those are B&W, some of my color prints don't scan as sharp (not that I don't have the negs but it's not like they're all that organized! lol some are some aren't...).

You'll have to go shoot some more film...
Yes, it was an interesting, and fun, project. This shot was to be used on the back cover of a comic book as part of a fake ad for the newest Bruce Spermsteen album :guitar:

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