Under The Highway (Revised)

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Jun 26, 2007
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So some people thought the original version is too dark, and that's what I come up with. Personally my preference goes to the darker one, but maybe somewhere between these two?
the first one looks as if it is a silloette. I think they both look awesome but the newer version, i believe, is better.
Im not so sure i like the newer verison, altho its brought the detail of the bridge out, i think i preffer the sillouette effect better?
To me the Puddle and Sky are the two main focus points of the image, so the difference between the two pictures editing wise doesnt make much more impact on either.
Still a nice shot tho.
i think it looks amazing either way, the original is more of a mysterious look, and the edited one is more detailed.
I like both for the composition. Great capture !!!
I know I'm the one who suggested something in the middle on your original post ---- I like the bit of detail that shows in the top left corner of the new version, but the bridge supports in the water and the walkway are light enough now that the eye is drawn to them rather than the gorgeous sky - my vote goes with the original darker shot because it just "says" something the other one does not.

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