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Dec 12, 2007
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I surf all the time and I'm starting to get into photography. I'd really like to be able to take some photos of the waves and my friends. I definitely can't afford the housing for the 40d which is the camera I use most of the time. I've been looking around the internet and found a housing for a canon powershot 570. It's reasonably priced and so is the camera. Would this be a waste of money? or will the camera take pretty decent pictures? The housing is $250 and the camera is $129.99.
I don't know do you think it would be?? it's your money.
i'm not sure. i was questioning the picture quality of the powershot.
I have the Canon PowerShot S30 (the line has been discontinued, I think the last was the S70). Assuming that the 570 is the same "level," it's a very good camera for P&S. I used it for 3 years and got what I consider to be some very good photos from it, even by my standards now with my DSLR.
You could also look into the cost of renting underwater housing for your 40d unless yu have to have one for all the time. My dad used to snorkel a lot and just rent them.
sweet thanks for the help. I'm still unsure but i'll definitely look into the powershot more.
I was considering this myself. Same situation - a housing for my D80 would be way to much for the little I'd use it and I would be uneasy using a rental. I'd have to review the rental policy to see if they would cover any damage caused by their equipment.

I've liked the images that my friends have shown me from the general Canon P&S line up. I did notice that out-of-the-box the P&S push the saturation & contrast settings up, but I believe this could be adjusted.

Are these going to be just general fun shots for your own use?
yea it's pretty much just for my personal use/fun. But i'd still like to have some quality and it sounds like the powershot will suit my needs for now. Maybe some day i'll get the housing for the 40d but probably not any time soon. I'd like to be able to blow up some prints to at least 8x10 if not bigger than that would there be any problems with the quality of the pictures?

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