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Oct 14, 2007
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South Amboy NJ....for now
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Should have posted this with the other one....but here it is anyway.
Sorry, IMO, this is a compositional failure. Stuff going every which way and nothing meaning anything. All this against a completely bland sky.
I agree that composition hurts (at least my eye). The bland sky however carries some mood for me. This is rather close to a silhouette-only image, but the silhouette is just awkward and confusing.

With the "right" silhouette this could be a rather moody and interesting image.
I like rigging. For some reason it fascinates me. However, my shots of it pretty much stay in my private collection for the above reasons.

Couple things here, the blurry things going on in the upper left corner throws me. Looks like you missed the light, which probably would have eliminated some of the silhouette. The Christmas lights seem out of place to me also.
Like you, I like the rigging, but also like you, I should have kept this to myself. I like the fact that the background sets a mood and then the utter mess of rigging and wires and things in every direction. Thanks to all for your critiques.
get in more of the boat, or concentrate on just the seagulls. Look up some rules on composition, learn them, then break them.

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