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    ...k! :D

    So I've always been enamored with the eye for perspective and color that photographers have, but til a bit ago I never really got big on the technical aspects, other than just shooting a lot of random things with a Nikon Coolpix 4100 (yeah. Somehow there just seems to be NO way this camera can shoot anything the way I'd like it to... 100 different modes, all of them useless :D)

    I have an SLR now (film) but all of these were taken with the digital... I'll probably post my (blurry) SLR results when they come back from the lab :lmao: These are the least snapshotty though.

    ...the prior warmth is flukey. most of the pictures it takes are cold as ice, like the one above... (uneffed with) Except most of them tend to not look as good as that one, and just look dark and muddy. But I love the framing...


    A smog rainbow in Riverside CA.


    If autofocus would work at all this would be an AMAZING pic IMO... Library at ASU (the nipple of knowledge)


    ...the camera does sunsets well though...


    ...contrast issues... nearly hide garbage bins :D

    ...I don't have too much invested at these, so I put them to your mercy. Be as hard as you like, but I do want pointers and advice :D Especially on framing etc.


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