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    Could we add an update to the following thread:

    Adding in details about using the new interface on flickr that is soon to be the standard. Something along the lines of:

    For sharing pictures there are 2 methods with the new version:
    HTML Code
    1) click on the "share this" drop down menu
    2) from the list that appears select the "Grab the HTML" line.
    3) Select the size that you want to share from the little dropdown menu
    4) copy and paste the HTML code that is shown

    1) click on the "Actions" drop down menu
    2) go about half way down the menu to "View all sizes"
    3) in the new page click in the image size that you want the url for
    4) once the image has loaded right click on it and go to properties/image properties (different browsers will have slightly different wordings).
    5) in the little window that opens copy the "Address" line - that is your direct url for that size of this photo.

    Note some browsers will have a "Grab/copy" url command when you right click so you can use that if you prefer.

    Note 2 the URL link in the share this drop down does not link to the photo alone but to the photo page itself. So if you want people to view the page in your flickr you can use that link; whilst if you want to embedd the image into the forums (or a blog) or direct link people to the image alone use the url method outlined above.

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    Done. :)


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