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Upgrading to 7D need some advice on some lenses.


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Feb 5, 2010
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Saved up a lot of cash which was most to be spent on a holiday but instead a bunch of my friends are coming back home so ive decided to spend the money on a camera body upgrade and some lenses.

Ive been using a Rebel XS 1000d for nearly three years and i think its time for me to upgrade to the 7D. I have own a clothing store with all my self printed t shirts using direct to garment so most of my photos are landscape, a few portraits for those who ask and a lot of photoshopped images that get printed onto t shirts.

I really enjoy fast lenses considering i shoot during low light times like sunset or out at certain events. At the moment im looking into a sharp macro lenses and maybe even a fisheye which i think would look good on t shirts but thats my opinion.

So at the moment im looking at getting:
a macro lens - close ups would look good on prints and add some extra creativity to some designs.
wide angle fisheye - also might add creativity and look good on prints.
135mm prime - I already own the 80mm and its one of my favorites and works so good when i shoot during low light.

Suggestions? :)
Have you considered a 5D reconditioned/second hand or (for more cost) a 5DMII second hand (or new).
Landscapes, lowlight work, portraits, clothing - these are all areas where the larger sensor of the 5D series is oft the chosen tool. Giving increased field of view (good for close up work indoors and portraits with longer lenses - thus reducing any distortion that can be present with wider angle lenses); improved noise control and general fullframe goodness (this last part I've been assured is a valid excuse).
Seriously.. go full frame. I would consider a classic 5D for like $850 before I consider a 7D. It doesnt sound like you need 7D's fast shutter and AF system.
Why do you think you need to upgrade your camera?

Yep, this is always the first question you should ask yourself or is there something your current camera is not able to do and is holding you back?
If it is for "just because" (which is good reason), then our suggestions can only be based on what you said in your OP.

So you say most of your photos are landscapes and some portraits, but neither of those are tied to a macro lens specifically, which isn't tied to a 7D (crop body) specifically.
The rebel xs has been a great place to start with photography although I feel like im ready to take on a higher model. May sound like a stupid idea to upgrade. I have decided to go with the 5d because of the full crop and it would make the most out of my 10-22mm and look great on prints.

I also want to get into video so that I don't have to pay people to film tv advertisements. hopefully ill be able to do it myself.
um... wow.... im a photo noob here but if you put the 10-22 onto the 5d you will kill the 5d if I'm right.. or something about the mirror will hit. its not made for a full frame camera. your best off to just um, send me the 10-22 to take care of it. :D
There are some (mostly 3rd party or modified) crop sensor lenses that will fit the 5D - but in general most won't. The Canon EF-S lenses physically won't without a mount adjustment, and even when that is done most have a back end of the lens that is so far back that it will hit the mirror when it flips up in the 5D - causing internal damage to the camera.
Thanks for updating me on that. I guess that scares me that I won't be able to use most of my lenses. Once i go down to the store I'm gonna have a feel and see which camera to take.

Would lens would you recommend for the 5d? Will my primes still work?

I don't want damage a camera especially for the price I'm paying lol

user3977 said:
um... wow.... im a photo noob here but if you put the 10-22 onto the 5d you will kill the 5d if I'm right.. or something about the mirror will hit. its not made for a full frame camera. your best off to just um, send me the 10-22 to take care of it. :D

From the lenses in your signature the 70-300mm and 85mm will still work on the 5D. The 17-85mm might or might not, you'll have to give more model details, though considering the focal range covered I'd expect it to be crop sensor only (and thus not work on the 5D).

The 18-55mm and 10-22mm certainly won't work.
Hmmm I guess it's kind of a shame. I guess I could get a 35mm landscape
EF-S lenses, and in general - EF-S equivelent 3rd party lenses, will not mount on a Canon EF camera body, only EF and EF equivelent 3rd party lenses will mount.
Do focal distances on EF-S lenses represent the actual focal length or do you still have to multiply by 1.6?

You would think that since EF-S is only for crop sensors, it would represet the actual focal length since you can't even mount it onto FF.
If i go with the 7D what am i really missing out? At the moment i can afford the 5D but i probably wont be able afford an extra lens. If i go with the 7D ill have all my lenses and ill be able to afford an extra lens.
I love my 7d and shoot a 24-70 2.8L, 100mm 2.8 macro, Tokina 12-24 F4 and 70-200 2.8 IS L on it. It does what I want, it's fast and imho the focusing kicks the crap out of the 5d2 I rented. I love the look of FF but honestly, I love my 7d and my lens selection. I also have a 50 1.8 and 85 1.2 that look beautiful on it.

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