USA and Uk product compatibilty?


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Apr 12, 2004
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Just wondering really, equipment seems to be dramatically cheaper from US websites than it is costing over here...

Is it comaptible and totally fine to use US equipment in conjuction with UK equipment, say a US lens with a UK body?

Is there even a difference?

Finally if this is the norm, are there any websites which offer oversea shipping as the norm?
Most camera equipment is made in Asia, so I would think they all work just fine.

Keep in mind that when you see a price that seems too good to be probably is. Check the two web sites linked at the bottom of the page. That is probably your best option if ordering from the US. Don't forget that shipping and border charges will also apply.

There also may be warranty issues. For example, most Canon products sold in the US are under the Canon US warranty. So you might get stuck shipping something back over if you need warranty service.
Don't forget that you will be charged 17.5% VAT and possibly import duty as well. The duty rate varies, but VAT is payable on anything over £18, import duty on anything where the duty itself is over £7:

Digital still cameras - 0%
Film cameras - 4.9%
Camera lenses - 6.7%

Generally you pay the courier who passes on the payment to HM Customs.

Say you bought a £200 lens, you'll pay £35 in VAT and £13.40 in duty, so that comes to £248.40, plus the cost of postage, which will obviously vary. In other words, what looks like a bargain might not be so good when the government takes its cut. Or to look at in another way, for really big purchases it might be cheaper to fly to New York, have a great time going around the camera shops and so on, and take your chances coming back through customs at the airport.
The equipment is the same. Just warranties. And as for the ads. 90% of them are slimeballs looking for a sucker. There is only a half to a dozen good stores online / mail order, and only a couple that discount. The real cheap ones are the slime.
bigfatbadger said:
Don't forget to check out their insurance as well, when it doesn't arrive and it turns out it's been dropped in the ocean, who's liable?

Appreciate the thoughts!

In that case, I haveny ever purchased anything outside of Jessops and a local camera shop which this time isnt able to supply the equipment I need.

Can you recommend any good stores online or not , in the UK?

Much appreciated :hail:
Looking to purchase a Canon lens , the 70-200 mm f/2.8 USM IS lens. Or something similar but this is about as much as I can spend at the mo.

Prices seem to be about 800 quid online but almost twice that in the high street stores I went into.

No idea if im missing something online that has a better price or a cheaper way to go about buying a lens like that?
Aye that seems to be a better price! Also seems to work out at a guesstimate better than buying one from a US site and sorting the shipping etc etc.

Take it by the ebay recommendation theres nae really any good UK sites then?
Not really - you've seen the price in Jessops - you might save a hundred quid at warehouse express (which I think is still Jessops) but HK is another £200 off

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