Using appropriate film(s) for capturing projected image.

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    Hello All,

    Imagine if you will the following environment ...

    Situation (environment):

    12'x14' room with 9' ceiling. CRT (tube) projector mounted on ceiling and projecting an image (80" wide and either 34 to 60" tall, depending on aspect ratio of video/film source) onto a projection screen made of some sort of vinyl/PVC material that is tensioned onto a metal frame. Room's walls and ceiling are a very, very dark flat-purple (except screen wall if flat-black) with black carpeting and complete ambient light control. This is my current home theater environment.


    I will be using a Nikon N80 with 28-105mm f/3.5-4.5 D lens. No flash. Tripod, timer, and bracketing technique.


    I am trying to photographically capture the projected image and surround area immediately outside of the projected image. Need to authentically (as best as I can) reproduce the projected image as a viewer in the room would see the image with their own eyes.


    Considering the ambient light is in complete control, but with the desire to fill the frame with the projected image, what are some if the reccomended color films that someone in this position should be looking at?


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