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Using eyes and/or teeth for white balance selector


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Jun 20, 2008
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Is it wise to use the eyes or teeth for the white balance eye dropper in Lightroom?
Well, it's not going to be terribly accurate, but it will get you in the ball-park. Lacking anything better, I've been known to use either one ('though the eyes are more likely to be a truer white than some people's teeth).
Thank you, Tirediron.
I'd imagine it might often yield some pretty blue results. lol
You don't need white. Neutral gray works too, which is a large part of what gray cards are all about.

The key is being sure all 3 color channels have the same value.
White is 255, 255, 255. Neutral gray is any shade of gray that also has equal RGB color channels. 200, 200, 200 is neutral gray, as is 176, 176, 176.
209, 209, 209 is 18% gray.

Unlike the ACR that is Camera Raw, the ACR that is Lightroom's Develop module doesn't show the RGB color channel values at the lower left corner of the histogram.
I use eyes frequently since in many cases it's as close to white (or neutral) as I can find. I don't like to use teeth unless I absolutely have to since many people have yellowing teeth.

It isn't a perfect method but certainly better than nothing.

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