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May 2, 2013
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Hello everyone.

I've never used Flickr before, and I just signed up.

After I did, I got to the screen with all privacy settings... So my question is, which privacy settings, and any other settings I should enable or disable to be on a safe side?

Also, should I watermark images I upload?

Sorry if the question is incorrect, but I think that people using Flickr will understand what it is I am trying to ask. :D
Thank you.
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It's been ages since I signed up there, but in a nutshell:

1) Creative commons licences - these basically allow you to licence your images for limited sharing purposes whilst retaining your copyright, earning rights and other such controls as normal. Note that the default is only the default and you can edit images to have specific clauses of their own if you want to change them. Honestly if you don't want to creativly share under one of those agreements just click to retain your full normal copyright.

2) Typically its best to either upload images between 720 and 1000 pixels on the longest side for viewing on the net - you don't really need much larger unless you want to show the 100% quality for a reason (and you can always use a 100% crop to do that instead). I've generally only ever uploaded websized images for the net and not let flickr downsize my images itself - if you want you can have it do that on its own - I'd restrict access though so that only friends/family can see fullsize.

3) Watermarks - understand that a watermark is not copyright and is only a visual representation of your already present rights of ownership. Also note that most can be removed very quickly and very easily - they do not prevent theft. What they do do however is sit there on the photo as a reference point - small ones are often ignored and it can mean that if others share your photos your name/website will be carried along with the watermarked photo. You can go silly and watermark very heavily - but at that point youv'e defeated the point of uploading the photo in the first place.
+1 to Overread as I have been a flckr user for last 6 years.

As mentioned I don't upload original size and limit uploads to jpegs at 1000x1000 which is even a bit large.
And would consider to export out your jpegs to 800x800 for uploading to flickr.

And I don't use watermarks. As many like me find them distracting and obtrusive.
And I don't bother to look at them for the most part when they are marked.
There are plenty better pictures than mine to steal so not worried about it for the most part uploading small size images.

A person new to photography should worry about theft of images much or watermark issues until they become an issue.
Should be giving much more thought to learning and presenting your images for the masses to comment and give feedback to.

Start with "All Rights Reserved" until you can read and learn the different CC Creative Commons licenses.
As can always mass change them to CC later if you so desire.
As you start to get into hundreds be sure to start organizing into sets for easier organization.
Also feel free to join many of the groups. As you can upload images to the group pools for people to see and comment on.
Also have a photography question can start a thread in those groups asking information about photography and gear.

As there are many Nikon and in your case Nikon D7100 groups you can join and share and learn from.
Good Luck.
Good post i've been wondering about using Flckr myself. Do you guys use for photo storage to lets say show someone when you don't have your Hard drive with you ? Or is it to just upload online for email and website purposes?
Flickr is not for backing up files. It's for sharing photos, either directly through flickr and it's forums, or used for linking in other forums. ALWAYS back up your own files, don't rely on someone else or a service to do it for you.

Watermarking is easy to do and easy to remove; just depends how much work someone is going to go through to remove it. I do logo all of my photos; one photo of mine was ripped from flickr countless times and used without permission. A few instances included horrible edits and someone else putting THEIR logo on it.

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