Utah State Capitol at Sunset


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Dec 14, 2011
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Got a chance to visit the Utah State Capitol today:

What, you've not hear of "purple clouds, majesty"...I 'd move the whole building (if you have it in the frame) as far to the right as possible leaving just a bit of that rail for an anchor point and give the left side some room for the building to "lean" into. I don't particularly like the line distortion, much of which can be eliminated with wide angle lenses if the camera is square to the shot.
Here is another one. I tried to make the sky have a more natural color and I think this one doesn't have as much distortion.
I like this much better because of the natural look. I think the first shot is a better capture. Actually I think it is a very nice shot. The composition is brilliant. The leading line are great as well. I just think that when one changes colors in post the shot loses its photographic integrity. It's just an opinion of mine that some agree with and some do not. At the end if the day it's what you like and what your clients like. The rest is subjective.
Other then the Keystone Effect distortion I really like it.

Sometimes keystones helps and sometimes correcting it will make a better image. In this case I think correcting it makes the building look like more powerful or strong.


Note normally I would crop in so the image fills the frame but I left them like this to show the correction.
I didn't know that you could fix perspective until today. Thanks a ton for suggesting that. I also didn't go as heavy on the post-processing. Here is my second attempt:

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