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    I want to try to resolve an issue with macro for once and for all. Alot of you have been giving me guidance (Jon...thank you) on what to do. However, alot of my questions were fragmented off of another topic posted within the forum, and I want to try to see if I can clarify a few things .
    I have a Sigma 105mm 2.8 DG EX macro for my 300D Canon. It takes ok macro shots, but I want greater magnification (better than 1:1). I have been told by some that extension tubes would give me better magnification, but will sacrifice working distance from the subject. Some have told me that using a teleconverter on the 105mm would help, but I see that most TC's are not compatible with the 105mm(is the Tamron? I know that the Canon and Sigma are not). I have been told to try to use the Canon 500D close up lens, but again, I dont think that it is compatible (or I should say that I cannot find mention of anyone using the 500D on anything but, say a 70-200 100-300 etc...no mention of use with a macro). I have tried to use the reverse lens technique with the 105mm macro with a Pentax 50mm 1.2, works good, but you need to be like less than an inch away from the subject (kind of useless for insects etc). I have heard of the Novaflex reverse adapter technique, kind of expensive though considering that the adapter is like $400, then I would have to get a good wide angle lens to use with it (as I only have the 18-55, 70-200 and 105mm macro lens'). Last I have heard of using bellows, but I dont know anything about them, except that they are also expensive.
    Again, I am trying to achieve greater magnification than 1:1 with this lens, any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
    Worst case scenario if there really isnt any options for me, are there any alternatives that I can do with the 105mm macro other that 1:1 applications.......seems to work good for portrait work (if your subject is fully made up, covering any flaw that the lens pics up on the subject).

    Thank You in advance......sorry for the rambling.
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