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Aug 1, 2010
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Seems a bit grainy, perhaps over sharpened. Composition looks good. Have you thought about trying something like this in HDR? There are some nice details that woud really show up.
My guess is that the acute sharpness along with the noise/grain IS exactly the "doodle"-result that Geo went for. It is on the brink of leaving the realms of pure photography and about to step into something like "Graphic Arts", but I like the step that's being taken with this very photo. My grandmother used to have such silver backed hairbrushes on her vanity, with hair so soft, we as kids always wondered how such brush was ever going to really BRUSH through someone's hair ;).
Thank you for your comments.....Laphoto thank you for getting what I was going for....to me this is Art....for I was working with effects not just editing a photo.... This photo was HDR'd first then I added effects to it.

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