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Sep 2, 2010
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i have a d5000, and i love the damn thing (used to hate it) but the money i saved went to a sb-600 and lens (and now even more lenses.) /i have never used the vari lcd till last night when shooting a friend's puppy. I always thought that the lcd is kinda useless for live view and its just more fun to shoot through the finder, but i got some decent shots of the pup lying on the floor using the lcd. However the AF was so horrendus that i just manual focused it. Also i think the bottom hinge on the d5000 is useless cause it prevents u from using it on a tripod or when using a third party battery extender (bad investment on my part.) Very few times do ppl ever use the lcd. Do ppl here actually shoot live mode with the lcd? i feel it would be useless cause of crappier af (altho they are fixing that i hear)
There are advantages. If you're framing a landscape and have time to kill then Liveview is great. I know a guy who swares by setting up the shoot in live view, then zooming in digitally on the LCD to max and using that to manually focus some of the non-canon lenses he's adapted for his camera.

Beyond that. ... Yeah not something I'll see myself using.
actually i do the same thing when shooting macro with with manual lenses or just using manual lenses its easier to make sure what u want is in focus but still dragging the box to focus area is a pain

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