very small picture box transparent, how to digitize?

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    You know those little plastic picture viewers you put up to the light and see a little picture inside? Well I've got one from magic mountain amusement park from many years ago. I think the picture itself is only about 1 inch or less on each side. It looks like a tiny negative, except it's color when you look at it through the light and through the picture box which is just a small 2 or 3 inch little kaleidoscope/projector type plastic box.

    Was wondering what it would take, or cost, to enlarge that and get it into digital format so I have it forever. Any suggestions, feedback, ideas would be greatly appreciated. Maybe I can rig up some kind of projector to project it to a larger screen then take a picture of that. I understand my options will probably be fairly limited.

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    You could possibly do this with a flatbed scanner that is capable of scanning 35mm slides.

    I say flatbed because given the size of your image, it possibly will not fit into conventional slide scanner, but you could sit it on the plate of a flatbed within the spot where the slides go. A normal scanner will not work, because you have to illuminate the slide.

    I recently purchased an Epson V300 Perfection scanner that will scan slides & negatives. Cost me around $250 AUD. I've scanned probably 1500 35mm slides with it. The quality has been fantastic and I could easily get A2/A1 sized prints.

    Not to mention of course, you have a nice scanner for all other stuff then as well.

    Hope this helps

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