VERY, VERY Unscientific 6D RAW DNG comparison


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Nov 28, 2011
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I hacked my 6D (with the help of an online forum) to shoot RAW video, even though Magic Lantern doesn't necessarily have a stable build for the 6D yet.

Here's the comparison. Please note that I tried to edit the H.264 footage to match the RAW footage as best I could to try and show the difference in latitude.

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Is it just me or does the RAW DNG file look better? It seems to have more punch, more contrast, more sharpness and some pop.
What SD card were you using? Did you have problems with it not being fast enough for very much RAW video?
I did have issues using the Sandisk 45Mb/s card with resolutions higher than 720p.

However, my Sandisk 95Mb/s card came in today and with that card I can record at 1600x600 (anamorphic-ish) with no problems.
Another "test"

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Wow, I cant wait for them to perfect this firmware. The dynamic range that you'll be able to pull out of a DSLR with ML is amazing. Thanks for sharing!

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