Video of my custom Muzzle brake....


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Nov 8, 2010
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Minneapolis, MN
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To those of you who get all pissy about gun stuff, hit the back button on your browser now.


For the rest of you, I built a fun little rifle out of a Russian M44 that someone had previously butchered (I would never "sporterize" a bone stock Mosin). Here is a Slow Motion video of the muzzle brake I made in action.

Really shows how the brake works. This thing reduced felt recoil by about 60-70% (this is based on a very precise guesstimate.) Quite a fun build. I learned a bit about playing with big lathes and mills too.

Enjoy! ETA, the video was taken with one of those High Speed Casio DSLRish cameras, gets up to 600 -1200 FPS I believe. Pretty cool little camera. If I have $1,200 burning a hole in my pocket, I might just get one.

Here is a still from the range.

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Thanks! It's really something seeing it work in that much detail, isn't it?

man I need one of those for my mauser.....kicks like a mule

Please don't ruin a stock firearm..... It always breaks my heart to see that. This one was already butchered, so I didn't mind messing with it so much. The brake that's on it is threaded, so it really is a permament addition. It can be removed, but the mod can't be reversed.
How much louder does it seem to you?


But the important question is this..... How much louder is it to the folks on my immediate right and left?

To them it's like a .338 Lapua Mag getting touched off in a small concrete room. For those of you who haven't had that experience....... It's really loud. One guy commented that it literally took his breath away....... Physically removed the air from his lungs. :lol:
The fireball from the indoor range--whoa!!!!! Cool video man!
Years ago, as part of a research project, I fired a 50 cal in a relatively small indoor range.
We did the loads and they weren't more than probably 25% of a full-load and we were firing sabot rounds but the noise over-pressure even through ear protectors was significant.

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