Vincent Laforet shoots stills, video with 5D Mk II

Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by Iron Flatline, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. A fun read, check it out:

    Post on his blog

    And before any gearheads get their pants in a knot, I'm sure the Nikon (and probably the next Sony) version will change the landscape equally.

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    First thought was "neverrrrrrrr!". After reading the blog... I am partially convinced, but not totally. There may indeed be a new digital revolution where photography and video meld into some kind of a high quality mix, but for me personally, I want a VERY distinct and firm difference in my video and still digital worlds.

    Besides... I want anyone to try to take a video of how they are working with the camera at the same time with the same units... lol.

    One thought does come to me, though... at this price level (~$2700US), the integration of a quality video unit into a digital camera traditionally would mean that there is a sacrifice somewhere. Nothing for nothing is the battle cry of the marketing team. It makes me a little suspicious about what *is* the catch, if there is indeed one. :)

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