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Vintage Camera Collection, mostly Russian, two german


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May 11, 2012
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Kent, United Kingdom
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It is with a heavy heart and five years of holding onto them that I think it is time I sold my late dad's collection of Russian Cameras, Cine Cameras and lenses. I don't know anything about photography so forgive me if I cant answer technical questions. I will list everything on here that I have and then I can add photographs should anyone be interested. I am in the UK in Kent.


Helios Lens in screw box : 1 = 28mm 1: 2.8 No. 810162

Jupiter-11 4/135 In screw box, this is silver, N7105597

Helios 3x automatic Tele Converter for Senith EM and other 42mm thread auto mount cameras

Helios Auto 1: 28 1 = 135mm No. 803252 - This in a zip case but does not seem to fit in it.

2 x Leningrad 4 Photo electric Exposure Meter, Original box with USSR Export Certficate signed and dated 1978. in leather case with instruction booklet. Also another one of these in a black leather case

Helios Auto Tele coverter 3x

Jupiter 12 2,8/35 N7811020
Another Jupiter 12 which has rubber on the end but it is perished. I dont think this affects the lens.

Voigtlander Pronto LK Vito Cl
Exacta Varex IIa - 4 - The worlds first SLR Camera

2 x in orginal Boxes - Attachments to Amateur Cine Cameras Quartz and Quartz M Contents: Telescopic attachment 0.5x Telescopic attachment 1.9x Viewfinder attachment, Screw. THey dont look very used to me at all !

Projector "Etude" in orginal box, with instructions. looks unused


FED-4 camera in brown leather case.
2 x Zorki 4K in black Leather cases.
Zenit 12 XP in Black leather case.
Reflekta II in brown Leather Case
Zenit EM in Black Leather case
Cosmic Symbol camera in black case
Zorki 11 - Looks broken to me !
Zenit 11 - Black leather case, Great condition
Kiev - dont know which model, good condition in brown leather case

Lubitel 2 - in box with instructions, mint condition camera, box very tatty.
Quartz 8mm with instructions cine camera
Quartz 5 cine Camera in orginal box with instructions good order
Quart5 cine camera in original box with instructions, tatty.

Zenith Lomo LC-A - Very grubby, in case but not original
Zenith Lomo Minitar 1, no original case.instructions included

Helios Compact Elctronic flash in box withinstructions
Sirius Electronic Flashgun AR14 in boxwith instructions and lead


If there is anything you like I can send you detailed photographs.

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