Multiple Vintage Cameras and Lenses Available For Sale


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Feb 10, 2021
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I have multiple vintage cameras and lenses for sale and have no idea what, if anything, they may be worth to someone who can use them. I was given them to sell so do not know anything about them. Everything, except for the Argus Flash Guides are in excellent working condition and were very well looked after.

Here is the list. I will be happy to send you pictures of any item (s) you may be interested in;

  1. MINOLTA Maxxum 50 Camera with Zoom Lens

  2. MINOLTA SRT 101 Camera and Lens

  3. MIRANDA Camera with Soligar Lens

  4. OLYMPUS OM-4 Camera Body, no lens

  5. SVE Vintage Projector

  6. VIVITAR Zoom Lens

  7. OLYMPUS OM System S.Zuiko Auto-Zoom 35-70mm 1:4 (Leather Pouch)

  8. SPIRATONE Tc f=300mm 1:4.5 Telephoto Lens in Original Box No. 54149E

  9. SOLIGOR f=350mm 1:5.6 No. 9694506 Telephoto Lens with mounting bracket and a protective leather pouch.

  10. TAISEI KOGAKU No. 376966 CONVERTO TAMRON 1:28 135mm with VIVITAR SKYLIGHT FILTER 58mm 1A PRINZ and leather protective pouch

  11. VIVITAR 200mm 1:35 Auto Telephoto No. 28422419 Slash Zer0 62 with protective leather pouch.

  12. ACCURA SUPERTEL Tc 1:19 f=85mm No.851497E Lumix 55mm 1A filter PRINZ with protective leather pouch

  13. ACCURA SUPERTEL Tc 1:2.4 f=105mm No. 170988E with HOYA filter and protective leather pouch

  14. ASHREH Tele Converter 3X in original protective case

  15. SPIRATONE PLURA-COAT 2X T-converter with protective leather pouch

  16. NIPPON KOGUKU No. 274726 NIKKOR-Q 1:35 F=13.5CM with hard case



  19. ARGUS camera in original protective leather case. Has busted shoulder strap

  20. ARGUS Seventy-Five in original leather case LUMAR camera with sholder strap
I saw that they recommend a picture but didn't want to overload the system with 20 pictures. Would you recommend I do that? What else should I edit, if anything? Thank you for your help.
It is possible to put all items in one photo. Or maybe 4 items per in 5 photos.

You also need prices.​
Here's my issue. Yes I can definitely take 5 pictures with 4 items in each but that would make it more difficult to actually see details of the items. Would it be okay to upload 20 pictures or would that be frowned upon?
Not being a camera person I have no idea what these items may be worth so hard to put prices. I could put prices but they may be way ot of whack. You know what I mean?

Thanks so much again for responding to me. I will get this right (with your advice).
Anyone interested in a particular item can request a more detailed photo(s).

Prices? Search for them on eBay, and choose "Sold Items". That will list anything that sold, and for how much.
You make a good point about people asking for further details. I also like the idea of looking on ebay. Is there any other website that values vintage camera stuff? I think some of the stuff I have is from the 1960s maybe earlier and may not be on ebay? Thanks again.
There's several sites that have generic information on old gear, but I don't recall any of them being a price guide.

If you have a local brick-n-mortar camera store, that's one possibility. Another is a local photography club.
Are you serious Jeff15? Are you willing to also pay the shipping cost (and insurance)? I presume there may be import duties you will also have to pay upon receipt in the UK. I would be willing to accept 100 British pounds net, once you pay for the shipping and insurance, to save myself the headache of all the research it will take to sell these items.

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