Vintage Cosina CT 4 film SLR with 3 lenses and more.

Discussion in 'Buy and Sell' started by britonk, Jan 1, 2010.

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    My grandma has asked me to try and sell my uncles old SLR for her. I thought of putting it on EBay but then thought I would see if anyone here is interested first.

    It seems in good condition and comes with loads of extras all bundled in a nice hard case. The lenses seem to be Pentax fit, I am unsure if these would work on a newer Pentax film SLR or even a DSLR?

    Here's what's included:

    - Cosina CT4 camera body
    - A 70-160mm f3.5 (throughout I think) macro zoom lens
    - A 28mm lens
    - A 50mm lens
    - Auto 2 X teleconverter
    - Automatic wind on unit
    - Top mounted flashgun.
    - Side mounted flash gun
    - "Magic eye" (I think this can fire a flash remotely when it detects another flash has gone off?)
    - Shutter release cable

    Here are the pictures:

    Camera all connected together:

    Everything included:

    28mm lens:

    50mm lens:

    2 X teleconverter:

    70 - 160mm lens:

    Everything in the case:

    I can also provide a printed copy of the PDF manual if required. If you have any questions please ask or even if you can provide me with more info on this camera?

    Thanks for looking,


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    Just if wondering if you ever sold your CT4? I realise your posting is a couple of years old but I have a CT4 & would be interested in picking up some additional lenses.

    Many thanks,

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