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Apr 6, 2012
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Hi All,

My grandfather has gifted me with a vintage Leica camera which he purchased some years ago. He doesn’t know much about it so I was hoping that you guys could maybe enlighten me a bit about it, tell me what period its from & potentially how much it could be worth etc. He claims that it still works, but I haven’t tested it.

Its an all metal silver body & lens & the following is engraved on the top – “Leica DRP Ernst Leitz Watzlar Germany. No. 436976.” The following is written on the lens – “Ernst Leitz Watzlar. Summarit f-5cm 1:15 No. 891070.

I am quite excited to find out.

Cheers & thanks in advance for any help.
According to this chart Leica Screw Mount Serial #'s Sorted by Number

the serial number indicates its a Leica IIIc. These cameras were exceptionally well-engineered and made, and it probably does still work. Leica prices depend tremendously on condition...average Leicas are not worth much compared to mint models that have never been taken out of their boxes.
Thanks for the information Derrel! Much appreciated!

How much do you recon an "average" model would cost? Also, from what period are the IIIc's? I would like to find out more about them.

A quick ebay search for listings that were actually successfully sold shows a range of about $200-$400, likely depending on quality and finish and how well you write your ebay description / when it is listed.

If it's broken, probably like $30-$50.

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